About Electricity Compensation Bureau ( ECB Ltd )

Electricity Compensation Bureau ( ECB Ltd ) offers a bespoke service advising clients on their rights to compensation,  quantifying claims, negotiating settlements and concluding the legal process.

Having obtained instructions a member of the Electricity Compensation Bureau team will attend at the property to asses the impact of the pylons, transformers, over-sailing conductors and associated apparatus. In conjunction with Stephen Cheshire at Jackson-Stops & Staff, we will prepare a comprehensive appraisal of the property and evaluate the compensation claim.

Having finalised the claim in discussion with the client it will be lodged with the electricity company who will then carry out their own inspection and make an offer in settlement. We at Electricity Compensation Bureau will review the initial proposal and by reference to comparable evidence enter in to negotiations on the clients behalf to negotiate the most favourable settlement.

Following the agreement of terms Electricity Compensation Bureau will appoint their retained solicitors and oversee the legal process resulting in the payment of compensation.

The advantages of engaging the services of Electricity Compensation Bureau

  • A small but approachable team providing a personal service.
  • Competitive fees with no financial risk to clients until compensation is agreed.
  • A professional approach with all cases overseen by Stephen Cheshire of Jackson-Stops & Staff.
  • The skill set to maximise compensation claims.
  • Access to a vast database of comparable evidence.
  • Specialists in complex cases.
  • A complete service with retained legal department.

We believe we know the true value of the claim from the outset and negotiate with that in mind. ECB Ltd fund the costs until the client agrees on the final settlement. The client has no financial risk during the negotiation. It is a journey throughout which we believe you need professional guidance.